Breakwater Wharf Extension Project

The construction of the Port of Eden breakwater wharf extension will include:

            • Dredging up to 230,000m3 of in-situ material to a depth of 10.5mCD
            • Placement of the dredge material at an offshore disposal site
            • Extension of the existing wharf by 95 metres
            • Installation of 5 berthing dolphins
            • Installation of new landside bollards to restrain ship’s bow
            • Addition of minor services (lighting, power, potable water)
            • Amenities building funding TBA

To support the services that can be offered by an extended wharf, a new amenities building will be constructed, a heavy vehicle circulation area for semi- trailers and coaches, and the installation of a potable waterline along the wharf to service vessels.

The project is fully funded with a total budget of $44 million:

          • $32 million State (Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund – Restart NSW)
          • $10 million Federal (Community Development Grants Program)
          • $2 million Local (Bega Valley Shire Council)

Dredging and construction works are expected to be completed in early 2019, in time for the 2019/20 Cruise Season.
Port of Eden Breakwater Wharf Extension

Work on the Breakwater Wharf extension project started in 2015 and included the completion of the following project elements:

            • Geotechnical investigations
            • Environmental sampling and analysis
            • Environmental impact assessment and ecological surveys
            • Bathymetric survey of proposed spoil ground
            • Salvage diving
            • Repairs of temporary disembarkation jetty
            • Dredge strategy
            • Appointment of design engineers
            • Simulation of cruise ship passage into Port of Eden

Department of Primary Industries is working very closely with local and state governments, the Port Authority of NSW, Cruise Lines and the local community throughout the Breakwater Wharf Extension project.